There’s more than one route to your Destiny.
Choose well.
A tale of adventure and growth set in a place where map reading and navigation skills are keys to success.
Sylvan lives on the most remote "island" in the Archipelago, a series of ridgetops surrounded not by water, but by vast, fog-filled valleys which are traversed only by specialized Navigators. Already gifted with an extraordinary memory for every place he's ever been, Sylvan dreams of becoming a Fogrunner, like the father he’s never met, delivering important messages through the lands beneath the fog. When Bernhard Krummholz, a rare passing Navigator, teaches him to read maps, and offers to take him along on his adventures, Sylvan must confront not only mist-shrouded slot canyons and floating bogs, but stolen maps, pack train Raiders, rumors of his father’s demise, and his growing sibling rivalry.

This new book by Alaskan writer and orienteer Jen Jolliff offers entertainment and learning for readers of any age and navigation ability. You'll come away from reading Fogrunner with an increased understanding of and appreciation for map reading and decision making skills.
Fogrunners Wanted:
The most amazing job in the Archipelago!

The adventure of running beneath the Fog
The opportunity to travel to any community on any island
The money, once you get there, to buy everything you want
Sylvan knows that Fogrunners are an elite division of Navigators, the only ones who run solo through the Foglands, darting between the ridge-top islands, delivering urgent messages, vying with one another for record traverse times. But when he signs on to help Bernhardt Krummholz deliver a mysterious shipment of goods to the Capital, he quickly learns that Navigators aren’t just adventure athletes. They’re highly-trained map readers, efficient runners, and above all, decision makers.

Slot Canyons, Floating Bogs, Braided Rivers. Everything was there on the map...or was it?
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